Good Life Is All About Good Feelings

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Connect with Nature 🍃

We dream of a reality in which the culture of sustainability starts from wanting to live in harmony with nature and others, respecting ourselves and the planet.

Contaminazione Naturale

Contaminate, promote and communicate by encouraging people to observe and care for the places we inhabit.

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Made in ItalyOrganic Cotton
Otter Organic Socks - River MelangeOtter Organic Socks - River Melange
Made in ItalyOrganic Cotton
Earth Organic Socks - Aleutine MelangeEarth Organic Socks - Aleutine Melange
100% Organic Cotton90% Reduced CO2
T-Shirt Contaminazione Naturale - Dark CharcoalT-Shirt Contaminazione Naturale - Dark Charcoal
100% Organic Cotton90% Reduced CO2
T-Shirt Lake Como - Natural RawT-Shirt Lake Como - Natural Raw


organic cotton and sustainable products

Learn to Stop

Hey Otter 🦦

We are Ale and Mirko and we have a very specific purpose, to encourage people to reconnect with nature. We learn to stop and breathe in the simplicity and beauty of small things.

Let's let ourselves be contaminated and enriched, let's get in harmony with nature and each other, everything works better if we try to share it, together, more relaxed, and with that simply chill streak that people really like.

Because in the end, Good Life Is All About Good Feelings.

We want to share these values, starting with the little things to positively contaminate others, become more aware and do our part.

We look forward to seeing you in the Otters Club.

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Sustainable Brand

The Larius Brand uses eco-sustainable materials and evaluates all stages of the production to make sure they respect the planet. The shirts were chosen for their fabric made entirely of organic cotton. Each component of the product is sustainable and recyclable.

Wear the Ethic

The Larius Brand identifies itself in the desire to transmit a lifestyle that’s as zero-impact as possible. This brand invites us to take care of the planet that hosts us, through the small daily actions that can empower the process of change. A healthy planet, a healthy humanity.

Feel the world

The emotions we feel in every moment of our life are a source of inspiration for our brand. Observing the stars, watching the sunset, listening to the crackling fire and being lulled by the sound of the waves are the sensations that make us feel part of the whole.

Good Life Is All About Good Feelings

We help you to perceive the world differently

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