Good Life Is All About Good Feelings

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Stop and breathe in the simplicity and beauty of small things.

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Every day we can be "change" 🍃

We dream of a reality in which the culture of sustainability starts from wanting to live in harmony with nature and others, respecting ourselves and the planet.

Contaminazione Naturale

Contaminate, promote and communicate by encouraging people to observe and care for the places we inhabit.

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100% Organic Cotton90% Reduced CO2
T-Shirt Contaminazione Naturale - SandT-Shirt Contaminazione Naturale - Sand
100% Organic CottonWater Print
T-Shirt Lake Como - Natural RawT-Shirt Lake Como - Natural Raw


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Learn to Stop

Hey Otter 🦦

We are Ale and Mirko we would like the contamination of The Larius Brand to become a little bit yours too!

We are here to encourage you and to direct you toward conscious consumption. Buy less but buy better everyone knows it, but few put it into action.

But, if you trust us, it's all in the practice and our contamination, that of The Larius Brand, is really natural.

So, let's stop and breathe in the simplicity and beauty of small things. Because in the end, Good Life Is All About Good Feelings.

We know, everything works better if we try to share it, together, more relaxed, and with that simply chill streak that we like so much.

Good life is all about good feelings, and we want to share them with you to become more sensitive and more conscious in doing our part!

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Sustainable Brand

Realizing that, as of today, it is not possible to live a 100% sustainable life, we can actively contribute by starting from our small: let's start bringing "change".

Our collections are GOTS certified, Peta Vegan Approved and reduce carbon footprint by up to 90%. We truly believe that respecting the planet is synonymous with respecting ourselves and others.

Wear the Ethic

To convey a "zero-impact" lifestyle, we need to care for the planet we live on. By choosing The Larius Brand products, we not only wear sustainable and recyclable materials but we wear ethics. It is with small actions that we can create "change."

Don't forget: a healthy planet, a clean humanity.

Feel the world

Our message is rooted in a precise territory, Lake Como, but-thanks to a natural contamination-becomes universal.

In the collections signed The Larius Brand we find sensations and vibrations that nature, anywhere, can give us. Because in every moment of life, we experience emotions that can inspire us.

Good Life Is All About Good Feelings

We help you to perceive the world differently

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