Organic Cotton Beanie - Otter

100% Organic Cotton3 Colors
Sale price€24,00

Put our otter on your head 🦦

Take our 'Larius' otter on all your adventures with our organic cotton fishing cap.

Available in 3 colours.

Colour: Orchid Flower
  • ✔ Local Brand
  • ✔ Recycled Packaging
  • ✔ Conscious Purchase

So, let's stop and breathe in the simplicity and beauty of small things. Because in the end, Good Life Is All About Good Feelings.

GOTS in Coversion

Certification to support farmers in their organic transition.

PETA Vegan approved

Our beanie does not contain any kind of material of animal origin.

100% Organic Cotton

Soft and durable beanie made of 100% organic combed cotton.

Also for daily use

Learn to stop and search for a life of emotions.

The Otters Club

Good Life Is All About Good Feelings

Contaminate, promote and communicate by encouraging people to observe and care for the places we inhabit.

And we can do this by living each moment to the fullest, sharing our experiences and, above all, enjoying life and improving the place we naively call Earth, but in the end, it is "Home."

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