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100% Recycled PolyesterFor Mens & WomensSherpa
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Organic Black Sherpa Jacket is for those who love the outdoors and seek uncompromising comfort, this fleece is great for absorbing the positive energy of nature and limitless exploration.

Discover new trails, breathe in the fresh mountain air or enjoy an evening with friends by a campfire.

Made of 100% recycled polyester, it is soft and insulating, keeping you warm during your adventures, both in the wilderness and on everyday outings.

The ideal choice for those who know that "Good Life Is All About Good Feelings".

Size: S
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  • ✔ Local Brand
  • ✔ Recycled Packaging
  • ✔ Conscious Purchase

So, let's stop and breathe in the simplicity and beauty of small things. Because in the end, Good Life Is All About Good Feelings.

For Men & Women

The unisex jacket with pratical pockets and minimal design.

PETA Vegan approved

Our sherpa jackets does not contain any kind of material of animal origin.

100% Recycled Polyester

Soft and durable sherpa jacket made of 100% Recycled Polyester.

Designed for comfort

Perfect during outdoor adventures or everyday outings.

Sherpa Jacket: cozy and sustainable

Sherpa Jacket: for all your adventure

Explore the essence of adventure with our Organic Sherpa Jacket, a garment that fuses comfort and sustainability in every fibre.

Made with a love of nature, the sherpa jacket will wrap you in a warm, soft embrace during every adventure.

Its eco-friendly is a reminder of environmental responsibility, making every step a contribution to the good of our planet.

With a versatile design and practical pockets, this jacket is ready to take on any challenge.

Whether you are immersed in the wilderness or on an urban walk, this fleece jacket will accompany you in unparalleled style and comfort.

Be ready to experience every moment, wrapped in the warm embrace of our Organic Sherpa Jacket, because adventure begins with enjoying comfort and respecting the places we inhabit.


Be the bearer of change


A product that lasts over time

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Each package is prepared by hand on Lake Como and we will write you a personalized card on plantable paper.

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A simple sustainable jackets carries an important message. Be prepared to positively contaminate others.