T-Shirt Contaminazione Naturale - Sand

100% Organic Cotton90% Reduced CO2
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Our contamination has become natural.

Like all our T-shirts, made from 100% organic combed cotton, they immediately show their 100% EarthPositive Apparel, with 90% CO2 reduction.

Our recommendations? It has a regular fit, so if you like more oversized outfits...abound with an extra size.

Size: S
Size Guide (Fitting) - CN
  • ✔ Local Brand
  • ✔ Recycled Packaging
  • ✔ Conscious Purchase

Good Life Is All About Good Feelings

We believe that the good life is all about good feelings, surrounding ourselves with positive vibes in contact with nature and people, and embarking on exciting experiences and adventures while respecting our Home.

Reduced 90% CO2

A quality organic cotton T-Shirt with a low carbon footprint.

Water Printing

The printing of our T-Shirt is water digital and 100% is reused.

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Carbon Footprint Reduced

We want to make our message grow and flourish concretely.

That’s why inside our organic packaging you will find a plantable paper that will become a mix of flowers.

The Larius Brand wants to focus on “sustainable” choices in every respect. We believe that with these small actions we can make our planet more aware, more social and more sustainable.


Wear the ethics


Be the bearer of change

MB_8392 - The Larius Brand


A product that lasts over time


Connect with Nature

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Sustainable Packaging

Each package is prepared by hand on Lake Como and we will write you a personalized card on plantable paper.

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Positively Contaminates People

A simple sustainable T-shirt carries an important message. Be prepared to positively contaminate others.