Calze organiche TLB - Bianco Cigno

Cotone OrganicoMade in Italy
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Un accessorio super cool per le vostre avventure e il contatto con la natura. I calzini, realizzati in 100% cotone organico e prodotti interamente in Italia, sono costruiti per un comfort che dura tutto il giorno.

Godetevi i vostri calzini super chill e iniziate la vostra ricerca di Lontre 🦦

Taglia: 35/40
Colore: White
  • ✔ Made in Italy
  • ✔ Brand Locale
  • ✔ Packaging Riciclato
  • ✔ Acquisto consapevole
MB_0102 - The Larius Brand

If you try them, you won't be able to do without one.

We believe that the good life is all about good feelings, surrounding ourselves with positive vibes in contact with nature and people, and embarking on exciting experiences and adventures while respecting our Home.

100% Made in Italy

These organic socks manufactured entirely in Italy.

100% organic BIOFIL cotton

grown without the use of chemical fertilizers and without the use of carcinogenic or allergenic dyes.

For all-day comfort.

Soft, excellent fit elasticity and durability. You will feel the difference.

Chill Socks

Enjoy your chill socks and start your Searching Otters 🦦



100% Made in Italy

Organic Socks

Explore nature in style with our exceptional organic socks, an adventurous and trendy accessory.

Made of 100% organic BIOFIL cotton and expertly crafted in Italy, these socks offer lasting comfort for your days outdoors.

Experience maximum comfort with our super chill socks and immerse yourself in your exploration in search of the Otters 🦦.

Discover the perfect marriage of fashion and functionality with our accessories that will accompany you on every adventure, bringing a touch of Italian style to your connection with nature."


Wear the ethics


Be the bearer of change


A product that lasts over time

MB_8392 - The Larius Brand


A product that lasts over time

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