Sapone artigianale - miele olio d'oliva e cera d'api

100% NaturaleMade in Italy
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Regalatevi questo sapone naturale, realizzato in Italia con ingredienti di provenienza locale e con processo artigianale.

Perfetto per pelli sensibili, per il viso e per il corpo, questo piccolo pezzo di natura italiana è il compagno di viaggio perfetto!

(Pulisce anche la pelle! Chi l'avrebbe mai detto?).

Fragranza: Miele & Cera d'api

Delivered in “Larius Organic Packaging”, includes the concept and a plantable paper.


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Natural handmade soap

A natural moisturizing and nourishing body cleanser

Carefully made according to tradition, locally produced and to take with you on your travels and adventures.

100% Natural

High-quality natural ingredients, as local as possible

Fully biodegradable

Our soaps are 100% biodegradable.

No Animal Test

None of the products are tested on animals

100% Hand-made

The processing of our soaps is completely artisanal


inspired by nature

A green story that began in grandparents' basement

The tradition carried on by Diego, in the land of centuries-old olive trees and and herbs such as rosemary, myrtle and oregano.

A small reality on the slopes of Aspromonte on the Ionian Sea, where the raw materials of the land come to life to create an all-natural soap.

It was here that Diego's grandparents once began melting the first soaps with olive oil and natural essences.

Today, as then, Naturarci, uses only the highest quality ingredients from the hands of small farmers.


Touch Nature and Tradition


From nature to our hands

A small line of natural products where craftsmanship, tradition and territorial enhancement coexist.


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