Every action has an impact on our home

Every little thing makes the difference.

Our products are made in respect of the planet and its inhabitants, following high criteria of responsibility and ethics. We want to be transparent by explaining to you the process behind our products.

Social Responsibility

We all have the right to a healthy and safe working environment, a decent wage, a legally binding contract. We all have the right to be free from discrimination and harassment, to join or not a union, to freely choose our work. We all have the right to fair and reasonable work hours. And our children have the right to go to school.

We only choose suppliers who are members of the Fair Wear Foundation, a nonprofit organization with the goal of seeing a world where the apparel industry helps workers have safe, decent, and properly paid jobs.

Our products are made by STANLEY/STELLA and Continental Clothing Co, both members of Fair Wear.

Fair Wear Foundation conducts an annual audit of brand performance and produces a comprehensive report and scorecard. Find the reports in the above links for the two brands.

FWF is governed by the following organizations:

  • Modint (business association for manufacturers and distributors of fashion, interior design, carpets and textiles)
  • CBW-MITEX (trade association for retailers of interior design, fashion, shoes and sportswear)
  • FNV Bondgenoten (federation of trade unions – service industry)
  • CNV Dienstenbond (Christian trade union – service industry)
  • Clean Clothes Campaign

Sustainable production

We recognize that the clothing production is one of the most damaging industries for our planet, so we find fair to choose suppliers who care about this issue and implement all measures that minimize negative environmental impacts while preserving energy and natural resources.

Sustainable production and the careful choice of raw materials grown and produced without harming people, animals and the environment are the basis for real change.

Organic cotton, unlike conventional cotton, is grown without the use of insecticides, fertilizers or chemical pesticides. This prevents toxic or hazardous substances from being absorbed into the soil, rivers or adjacent lakes, ensuring a healthy environment for farmers and their families.

Our suppliers are certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard, the Organic Content Standard and the Global Recycled Standard.

Our products are made with 100% organic cotton certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and recycled polyester.

For more information about certifications, reports and statistics, here are the respective links to our suppliers: Stanley/Stella and Continental Clothing Co.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

Some of our EarthPositive¬ģ products (a brand of Continental Clothing Co.) carry the registered trademark “Climate Neutral“, a certification that attests to a reduction of approximately 90% in carbon footprint.

This is thanks to a combination of innovative product design, low-impact organic farming, production efficiency, and replacing standard grid electricity with renewable wind power.

We provide a link where you can find more information.

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