Our Planet. Our Home.

We are human beings. We do not only hear, smell, touch and see the world, but we also feel it. We are children of the stars but we are the ones who give them a name. The whole universe speaks through our voices.

So please be wise and remember: Good life is all about good feelings!

stay #superchillLikeLarius

Sustainable Materials

The wrapping paper that we use allows us to pack products without using plastic and polluting materials.

Growing Paper

That’s inside our packaging you will find a mix plantable paper that whill become a mix of flowers.

We love nature

The Larius Brand wants to focus on “Earth Positive” choices, Every little thing makes the difference.

The concept

Inside our package you will find the concept of the product, we want that you understand what you’re wearing.

We want to wear the ethics.
We strongly believe in.

We love nature, we love our planet, but above all we love life.

The Larius Brand was born from the desire to give a message of change and awareness towards a cleaner world and a healthier humanity; it was born from the desire to promote a more sustainable and responsible lifestyle for all.

Every daily gesture, even the smallest one, can make a difference.

That’s why we have created and given life to a totally Earth Friendly project, dedicating a lot of time to the research, choice and selection of sustainable and recyclable materials, and making sure that every stage of the production process, until the packaging of our products, is respectful of the environment.

Born in Lake Como, Italy

The Larius Brand was born in the wonderful frame of Lake Como, a magical place that has been an essential source of inspiration for us thanks to the lot of emotions and sensations that this place has to offer every day: its intrinsic beauty, the docile grandeur of its mountains, the moving glow of the sunsets and the deep and mysterious blue of its waters.

Lake Como is only the starting point to take off and arrive in every part of this world, it is only the beginning of a great adventure.

Our message is simple, but profound: go back to look at the stars, to enjoy a sunset on top of a mountain, to walk barefoot on the sand, to let yourself be lulled by the sound of the waves; go back to smile with humility at the grandeur of the oak, at the industriousness of the ant, at the creativity of the flower; feel part of the whole again, and learn to stop: here and now the secret of time is hidden.

Larius Organic Packaging

We want to make our message grow and flourish concretely.

The Larius Brand inserts a “plantable paper” inside the packaging, a symbol of life and it can be planted.

With this small act, we help restore some green to the nature we have exploited over the years without realizing that we were endangering the ecological balance of the planet.

Every tree planted will be a concrete step towards a healthier world.

Every little thing makes the difference.

The wrapping paper that we use allows us to pack products without using plastic and polluting materials.

The twine respects nature since it’s made with natural fibers, 100 x 100 reusable and to close packaging we use a ecological adhesive tape.

Color and Perfume

The lavender was hand picked and carefully dried, it gives a touch of color and teases the nose with its typical scent with a slightly provençal flavor.